Legal Counsel, Tax Planning, Criminal Tax, Tax Law, Administration, Business, Corporate, Civil, Consumer, Labor, Environmental and Foreign Trade. When it comes to one focused on business law society, we have departments and lawyers specializing in the following:

Tax Law / Tax Planning

Direito Tributário

Under the Fiscal Advisory, the State, Federal and Municipal levels, our professionals develop highlighted activity in fiscal planning and in preventing disputes.

In litigation, the action occurs through judicial and procedural monitoring in all fields and courts.

The adopted procedures involving recovery and use of credits come backed by technical bodies of opinions, judgments and doctrinal positions, leading to the conclusions adopted in this work.

The office action aims to review and discuss the tax debts of customers, seeking the total or partial reduction of the amount, including the exclusion of penalties, interest or monetary correction.

Recovery and Utilization of Tax Credits

In this area, the work of our office aims to identify all situations that create tax credits, focusing on an immediate crediting, reducing losses resulting from the prescription of the right to use these credits.

The services provided in this area involve the study of the productive and commercial structure of the company, with the help of production engineers; the physical survey of the transactions that create credit in the company's books and tax documents; the making of the statement of established values with legally permitted additions and orientation for the release of their respective credits.

Criminal Tax

Direito Tributário Penal

Preventive and litigation counsel of the firm and its partners on cases relating to tax offenses.

Administrative law

Direito Administrativo

Support the expropriation procedures and bidding (with analysis notices, appeals, etc.) and the conclusion of public contracts - especially regarding the dispatch of Debt Clearance Certificate (CND) filing actions aimed at accountability to the State for damage caused to the name and/or the company's activities, and also consultance and advisory services for public entities (municipalities, public companies, utilities, etc.).

Business Law

Direito Empresarial

Preparation and judicial review of commercial contracts, credit recovery, monitoring of insolvency and bankruptcy protection, seeking to restore the functioning of the company and the discussion of the debts charged, particularly tax and social security.

Detailed analysis of the company's reality, which involves the corporate, tax, social security, personal (labor) and accounting (including review of entry procedures), aiming to establish the most profitable way to their management, accompanied by measures that seek to effectively reduce costs.

Consumer Rights

Direito Societário

Advice companies facing the lawsuits involving consumer relations, with the preparation of defenses, hearings and appeals.

Corporate Law

Direito do Consumidor

Assistance in cases of merger, transformation, merger and demerger of the company, seeking the best way to earn profits while keeping the lowest risk possible on the liability of the partners.

Labor Law

Direito Trabalhista

All of our professionals are trained for assisting in the preparation of conventions and collective labor agreements, individual and collective bargaining. Acting in the development and monitoring of labor actions at all levels of the labor courts and administrative proceedings before the Regional Labor as well as the Ministry of Labor

In the litigation area, the firm provides an efficient and expeditious manner, services in court, preparing defenses, appeals and other documents in order to optimize, provide efficiency and economy to the Human Resources department.